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Commercial garage doors come in different styles and designs. They also offer different functionality and are used in a wide range of applications. At Professional Garage Doors & Openers you get a wide selection of all the designs and materials as well as the leading brands. Among the choices we offer include:

Commercial Sectional doors

These types of doors are the most popular solution in many industrial, commercial and institutional applications. Sectional doors are designed by having three, four or five horizontal panels hinged together and ball bearing rollers are affixed. There is a torsion above the door which carries most of the door weight by acting as a counter balance allowing the door to be lifted by a person or an electric motor. They are available in a wide range of applications and styles. They can be used in standard lift, high lift as well as full vertical lift applications. They are also available with or without windows.

We offer three major kinds of commercial sectional doors:

  • Aluminum sectional doors – They offer great visibility as well as aesthetics making their use versatile as they can be used in buildings, storefronts and garages with their full view allowing them to even be used in interior portioning. We also offer different kinds of glazing and finishing to customize your order.
  • Insulated steel – This option is available in two forms: either polyurethane insulated steel or polystyrene insulated steel. They offer great energy efficiency with their superior climate control and can be modified to offer you R-values of 18 and above in large buildings and warehouses.
  • Non–insulated steel – This is an option engineered to offer durability and reliable performance even in high traffic and heavy duty use yet it’s budget friendly. We offer these doors in different designs and multiple configurations for a wide range of use.

Aluminum Sectional Garage doors

Aluminum Sectional

Polyurethane Insulation Garage doors

Polyurethane Insulated Steel

Polystyrene Sheet Insulation Garage doors

Polystyrene Insulated Steel

Non Insulated Commercial Garage doors

Non-insulated Steel


Commercial Rolling doors

Our steel roll up doors provide excellent security and durability. Rolling doors are preferred in commercial use because they are designed to coil compactly over a horizontal axle located just above the door which makes them take up little space. Professional Garage Doors & Openers offers the following type of rolling doors:

  • Service doors – These are available in stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum available with without insulation.
  • Counter doors/shutters – These are used for smaller openings either in concession stands or areas where fire and smoke resistance is not required
  • Security grilles – These allow for surveillance and a clear line of sight while providing better air circulation.
  • Roll up sheet – These are mostly used in storage facilities and warehouses
  • Fire doors – These work the same as roll up doors but provide greater protection than other rolling doors. They are made of thick durable steel that is fire and noise resistant and also provides sufficient insulation. We offer fire doors that can be custom built for use in any door need.

Service Garage doors

Service Doors

Counter Door Shutters Garage doors

Counter Doors/ Shutters

Security Grilles Installation

Security Grilles

Roll Up Garage doors

Roll Up Sheet

Fire Door Installation

Fire Doors

Our range of commercial garage doors solutions offer durability, great flexibility in terms of where they can be used and matching aesthetic value. Contact us today to find the right door for your commercial needs.