Garage Doors Frequently Asked Questions

As already mentioned, we are well-known among different sections of society for our garage door service and repairs. Below are a few most frequently asked questions by our clients concerning garage door repair:

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  • Which is the best garage door opener and where should I purchase it from?

    A belt drive has quietest operation. If you have a bedroom above your garage, then it is the best choice. Whereas Chain drive is powerful to tough to lift heavy garage doors.
    Buying from a garage door company would be cheaper than a retail store. Purchasing from a garage door company would cost $350-$400 (including installation) whereas it would cost $250-$300 plus $120 installation fees if buying from a retail store.

  • My garage door makes weird noises while opening or closing. What should I do?

    Noisy garage doors are result of worn rollers, loose hardware and parts. You need to tune-up and lubricate them. Replace the worn parts and add anti-vibration pads to your opener.

  • How can I maintain my garage door?

    Regularly inspect your cables, springs, rollers and track. Replace any worn or rusted parts and if facing difficulty, call an expert or technician who can do it for you. Lubricate the parts every 6 months with silicone-based Teflon spray.

  • How can I operate my garage door opener from my car?

    Juts follow these simple steps:

    • The ignition of your vehicle should be running
    • Erase any existing code by pressing the outside buttons till the indicator light starts flashing
    • Hold the remote 1-3 inches away from desired button on your home-link.
    • Press and hold garage door remote and home link button at the same time moving the remote closer until the home link indicator turn flashing slowly to repeatedly.
    • Press the learn code button on the back of garage door opener, return to the vehicle and press home-link button again ti activate.
  • Which lubricant is best for my garage door?

    Silicone based spray lubricant are by far the best lubricant for your garage door. They can be easily found at retail store. They work themselves around garage door parts and stay there.

  • What are the advantages of installing insulated garage doors?

    Some of the key benefits of insulated garage doors are:

    • Better maintaining of temperatures both inside and adjoining places of garage doors.
    • With insulation garage door becomes more tough and dent resistant, thus increase the longevity of garage doors.
  • Why does the light bulb on my opener keep burning out?

    Shaking of the garage door causes the light bulb to burn out.