Wood Garage Doors
Professional Garage Doors offers the best wood garage doors in the industry. We understand the appeal wood has and the fact that it was the earliest material used for garage doors and still dominates a number of garage doors in the market. The aesthetic value of wooden doors is literally unmatched. You can only imitate wood with materials like vinyl and you still will not get the authentic wooden feel. While there is a challenge with wood when it comes to maintaining wooden garage doors and dealing with other issues like pests, modern advances in technology have made it possible to improve on these deficiencies. We provide high quality wooden garage doors that enable you to have an easier time when maintaining it.

What type of wood is used in our garage doors?

We have wood garage doors made from a variety of wood. A number of the common ones include:

  • Plywood – Plywood is one of the most inexpensive options for our garage doors. Its light nature allows it to be covered with a hardwood skin to improve its appearance; it can also be insulated with a foam core.
  • Cedar – This is a favorite because of its properties which make it naturally resistant to moisture, rot and decay as well as pest infestation. It is available in red and white though can be easily stained to match the existing color. It calls for yearly sealing to maintain durability.
  • Redwood – Redwood makes up one of the high-end choices of wooden garage doors. Its design is built in layers to reduce warping. It allows for painting and staining to match different colors.
  • Other woods used include oak, hemlock, walnut, fir and you can also get a combination of the woods.

Besides the different kinds of woods, we have garage doors in different styles. Our collection complements traditional and modern architectural styles making the most of the aesthetic features of wood. The two dominant styles are the flush doors and the rail and stile design of doors.

Flush panel wood garage doors come with a simple look that suits many modern house styles. The panels comes with a smooth finish which can match several architectural designs and approaches. For plywood doors with this style the exterior made of plywood which can be stained or primed. The interior is made of polystyrene insulation.

The rail and stile type comes with a timeless elegance which adds much value and a lasting effect to the door. The doors are available in both raised and framed panel designs.

In our store there are limited editions, wooden doors with windows and other decorative hardware, swing out designs customized to your liking, several layered construction for better insulation when that is required, long or short panels among other options.

Getting your door from us allows you the chance to pick doors from the leading manufacturers with credible warranties. Call us today and allow us to offer you our expertise on selection and installation.


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