Different Garage Door Opener Models for Homes

Different Garage Door Opener Models for Homes

Garage door openers play the key role of opening and closing the garage doors. At a certain point, you will have to change your garage door opener. Some reasons for replacement could be too much noise and high repair costs. When shopping for a new garage door opener, you should first understand the garage door opener models available in the market. This will help you in shopping for one that suits your needs best.

Types of door openers

There are four types which include chain drive, screw drive, belt drive and jackshaft.

Chain drive openers

Chain drive openers have a chain which is similar to that of a bicycle. The chain connects the motor to the trolley. Some openers will have a combination of a chain and steel cable. Chain drive openers are the most popular and are more cost effective compared to the other models.

Belt drive openers

Belt drive openers are similar to chain openers but they use a rubber belt instead of a chain. The belt is reinforced with metal wires to make it strong. The rubber belt makes them quieter than the chain drive openers. Since belt drive openers are quieter, you can use them if there is a room above the garage.

Screw drive openers

Screw drive openers have a long screw that connects the track to the trolley.

Jackshaft openers

Jackshaft openers are the most expensive. They can only be used on cathedral or sloped roofs where the garage ceiling is higher than the garage door. Jackshaft openers are used with a torsion spring system.

Other points to consider

AC (alternating current) motors

AC motors are heavier and louder. They are built in such a way that they last for long with very little maintenance. However, if repairs arise, they can be very tasking and costly. The speed of AC door openers is controlled by the amount of electricity flowing.

DC (direct current) motors

DC motors are small, light and quieter. With advances in technology, DC motors have become very easy to control.

Remote control

Remote control makes your garage door simple to use. With a remote, you don’t have to get out of your car to unlock the door. This is really convenient especially when it is raining outside. You will be able to open the door by pressing a button and get into your garage without getting wet. The door will not open unless you press a button thus it makes the garage safer.

Rolling code system

Buglers break into homes using universal controls that read the access code in the opener. Such break-ins can be prevented by the use of the rolling code system. The rolling code system changes the code after every use thus making it impossible for buglers to access it with universal controls. For maximum safety, invest in new garage door openers with a rolling code system.

Phone apps

Advanced technology has made it possible to link garage door openers with mobile phone apps. With this smart technology, homeowners can now control their garage door even when far away from home.

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