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The importance of a quality garage door

In Canada, summer is a common season for tackling home improvements, especially to the exterior of homes. There are some homeowners who use their garage for storage and it is not until they start opening and closing the garage to get out what they have stored that they realize that their garage doors are squeaking, chipping or just malfunctioning. Over the years, garage doors have come a long way. Garage door specialists are now trying to recommend the best quality doors for their clients, bearing in mind budget and practicalities. There are a variety of lower-quality doors available in the market, bearing linked price tags. These lower quality doors tend to provide only short-term solutions to long-term problems. In the long run, you may end up costing far more than paying for something that delivers what it promises. The following are some of the top reasons why you should invest a little more in the biggest, moving part of your home.

Energy efficiency and Insulation

The exterior of your garage door will wear down over time and older doors rarely have insulation. During winter, cold air gets into your garage and seeps into your house. On the other hand, during the summer, your garage may feel like a sauna. Selecting the right garage door can help you save money on your energy bills. Newer model doors tend to be double-skinned and designed to keep your garage cooler when it’s hot and warmer during the cold weather. U-rating can gauge a door’s efficiency and this is something that a professional will only be too happy to explain to you. The insulation that helps to maintain even temperatures in the winter and summer has the additional benefit of helping you save money on cooking and heating bills. Your new, insulated door is a way of increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

Safety and extra value

As a homeowner, you want to be safe in your own home. If your garage door is older or worn, it is more susceptible to robberies and this threatens the safety of your home. When it comes to garage doors, children are especially at risk. Contemporary, computerized doors have safety features built in to minimize the chance of accidents happening. It goes without saying that choosing a high-quality garage door adds value to your home. A quality garage door can significantly improve the appearance of your home especially if it is visible from the street. Therefore, if you are looking to sell yours, it will go at a higher price.



Most people keep important or valuable items in their garages oblivious of the fact that a low quality door offers little or no protection. A good quality garage door has difficult locking mechanism that is enough to discourage opportunist burglars and thieves. Nevertheless, in the event that someone tries to threaten your security, modern doors have in-built security measures that will, at the very least seriously obstruct any attempts on your garage.



Regardless of whether you use your garage as a study room, a playroom for your kids or as a place to keep your car in, you may want to prevent interference from disruptive sounds coming in or out. The best garage doors have in-built soundproofing that diminishes any sounds to a bare minimum.

Clearly, a high-quality garage door makes your house a safer place in more ways than one. Although swapping your older version of garage door to a new one is something that may not have crossed your mind especially if it is not malfunctioning, you might want to install a modern version. There are many benefits of getting a better quality garage door in terms of material, door styles, window styles, and even garage door colors. Some garage doors are maintenance free and do not require painting. However ensure that you consult an expert before getting one.

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Signs that you need garage door repair

Spring replacement is a very common repair for broken garage doors. This is because the springs are responsible for lifting the weight of your heavy garage door every time you open and close it. Your garage door opener is capable of lifting hundreds of pounds of weight depending on the width and horsepower of your door. Speaking generally, the more horsepower your model contains, the faster your opener will lift the door. Given that your springs do all the heavy lifting, it is no surprise that spring malfunction is one of the most common problems you will face when your garage door requires a replacement or repair. A professional will be able to easily identify which type of spring your model uses, identify your spring problem, and restore service to your garage door safely. A lot of spring related injuries are as a result of amateurs trying to repair their own garage doors. Evidently, it is much safer to leave the repair of your broken garage door spring to a professional. Here are common signs that tell you your garage door requires repair.

Slow response time

You need to monitor how long it takes your garage door to respond to your commands. Ordinarily, it should begin to open or close within a second or two after you press the opener. If it opens with difficulty or delays, then you might have a problem on your hands. Contact a garage door professional to inspect yours if you suspect that there is a problem.

The door is stuck

If your garage door refuses to open or close using the control buttons, then it obviously needs a repair. There are several reasons why this could happen such as door malfunction or poor connection between the control panel and the garage door. Before you call a professional for the repair, ensure that you test your door to ensure that nothing is obstructing it. Try the controllers as well to ensure that the door is not moving at all.

garage door units

Drooping garage door units

It would be ideal to test and check the balance of your garage door at least once every month. This involves disconnecting the opener from the door and operating it manually. Whenever you bring your garage door at about midway and leave it there, it should not continue to fall or rise. If it falls, then there must be something wrong with the tension spring or other parts of your door. Never try to repair the components on your own particularly if you have no previous experience. Instead, contact a professional to handle the repair work.

The door detaches from the tracks

You must operate your garage door within the tracks on either side of the door. However, there are times when you will notice your door is off the tracks. This will usually happen when your garage door is not in good condition. A professional can examine the problem and replace all the main parts if necessary to ensure that your door functions properly.

High-energy bills

If you have an older model garage door, you might want to swap it for a newer model. This is because newer models are more energy efficient. High-energy bills are a sign that you need to do something about your garage door. By upgrading your door, you will be able to save more money on energy bills in the future.

The door produces strange noises

If your garage door is old, it is more likely to make a lot of strange noises when operated. If the straining or creaking becomes excessive, your garage door springs or the opener itself might have a problem. If your garage door does not function properly, it might cause severe property damage and injuries. To be on the safe side, it is best to enlist the services of a professional garage door specialist.

Garage door repair

Garage door repair

If you take a closer look at your home, you will realize that aside from your car, your garage door is one of your largest moving conveniences. The constant opening and closing of your garage door may warrant repairs in the future. With the advent of products that promise easy installation and home improvement television, most homeowners are more comfortable about handling ‘do it yourself’ projects. However, there are some jobs that you should allow only professionals to handle. Your safety and that of those around you should always come first. A professional is familiar with the risks involved in garage door repair and installation. For instance, your garage door opener springs can be very dangerous to replace, repair or service. A trained specialist will know how to avoid the risks associated with garage door spring replacement. Here are several reasons why you should let a professional repair your garage door.


Your garage door is a popular means of entry for potential thieves. However, knowing that your door is in proper working condition is the peace of mind that only a garage door expert can give you. To safeguard your home from invasion or burglary, ensure that you seek the services of a garage door expert to help keep your door securely closed when you are away from home.

Certified knowledge

More often than not, garage door professionals have extensive experience in installing and servicing the doors. As such, it is easier for them to identify and fix any problems. Not only will you benefit from knowing that someone who has previous knowledge will be handling your repair work, but you will also get a free estimate of the required work. Aside from that, garage door specialists must have gone through rigorous training and attained the necessary certification. As such, you can trust that they know exactly what they are doing.

Cost and time saving

Cost and time saving

Of course, saving time comes with saving money. With the many ‘do it yourself projects’, if you do not get it right the first time, you might have to call in an expert to make corrections to your mistakes. To begin with, calling a professional to remedy your mistake will cost you more money because you will probably have caused more damage. Moreover, when you trust a professional to handle your work from the beginning, they will be able to suggest changes to your garage door system that will continue to save you money down the road.

Durability and safety

Safety is the most important reason why you need to hire a professional to repair your garage door. According to research, about twenty thousand people visit hospitals with garage door related injuries that vary in severity each year. Professional help with your garage door repair can help keep you out of the hospital and ensure that no one else gets hurt if you do something wrong while attempting to handle your own repairs. You need to keep in mind that while garage door repair may seem like an easy task, the purpose of its spring is huge and the springs can store up a lot of energy. The last thing you want is to have your garage door springs release all of the energy they have been storing and fly off in your direction. Only a professional will be able to identify and recommend the simple calibrations that affect how long you have to go between spring replacements.

Always call a trusted garage door specialist to repair yours in order to ensure that you reduce the possible risk of harming yourself and those around you. The truth of the matter is that ‘do it yourself’ projects will only make things worse as you are likely to cause more damage to your door, waste time and spend much more on repairs. Allow the professionals to keep you safe, protect your family and save you money as well.

Garage Door Cables

Maintaining Garage Door Cables

It is easy to take your garage door for granted. It closes, opens and looks appealing, but what about when it stops functioning? Only a few things can be as infuriating as a garage door that won’t open or one that does not function properly. Many people suffer from injuries caused by garage doors annually as well due to lack of proper maintenance for garage door cables.

It is good and cost effective practice to have an expert come and examine your garage door cables from time to time. Your garage door cables are strong yet flexible. This is because they need to be able to carry the heavy load of the door and still roll over pulleys. Garage doors normally have extension spring systems or torsion spring systems. The system you have will dictate the kind of maintenance required. Here are some garage door cable maintenance tips.

Extension or torsion spring cables

You need to know which spring system you have. Torsion spring systems have a pair of springs located above the garage door. Here, garage door cables wind around drums located at both ends of the spring shafts. If your garage door torsion cables require replacement, it is best to have a professional perform this task because it can be very dangerous if not properly done.

Garage door cables on extension systems are simpler to replace and maintain but you still need to take caution. Just like in torsion systems, these garage door cables need consistent checkups to find any frayed areas or kinks. Another area to check with extension systems are the pulleys because they are highly susceptible to wear due to repetitive use.

Start with the hardware

Always launch your maintenance schedule with a quick visual inspection of the entire garage door and then your hardware. After that, check for breakage or rust in your hinges, tracks, springs and cables. If you find damage or excessive rust and are comfortable with overhead garage door preventive maintenance as well as repairs, replace these parts.

If you do not have the knowledge, tools or parts then call in a professional because the most crucial thing is to keep yourself safe.

lift cable

Take a lift cable

Lift cables located at bottom roller brackets will wear over time, particularly in colder climates. Check the bottom because that is the part most often exposed to moisture. After that, eliminate any build-up or dirt. Old toothbrushes and other older brushes work best.

If the cable is frayed or worn, call in a technician for repair because it too, is under high tension. Keeping your garage door cables in top condition is pretty simple. Replacing them on the other hand, is a bit more complicated and time consuming not to mention costly.

As such, conducting regular maintenance for your garage door cables is very important. Although most system design give many years of service, as home or business owner, your job is to monitor your garage door cables for signs of wear. Additionally, schedule maintenance visits from professionals who will be able to pinpoint probable problem areas and fix them. This will ensure that your cables perform well.


Garage Door Spring

How to Spot a Bad Garage Door Spring

A deteriorating or broken garage door spring can pose a serious safety threat. In order to determine whether your garage door needs professional attention, you will need to be on the lookout for a failing garage door spring. With help from a company that offers top quality garage door services, you will be able to ensure that your garage door spring is in safe working condition. Let us look at the top indications of a bad garage door spring.

Garage door cables appear broken

If the cables on your garage door fly everywhere, disconnect from the door or fall to the ground, then this could be a sign of a bad spring. It is uncommon for cables to break or require a replacement when a garage door spring breaks.

If your garage door has two torsion springs, one will keep the cables tight and fixed on the drums. You will have to look up the springs to determine if one is broken. The only way to do this, is to lift your garage door manually.

You hear a loud bang from the garage

When a spring breaks on a garage door, it displaces a great amount of energy. When torsion springs break, the spring unwinds and gives out a loud noise as a result of the coils spinning on the shaft. This can startle you quite a bit.

Most homeowners usually claim that before discovering a broken spring, they heard a loud noise coming from the garage. Extension springs are more obvious because the cable and spring is usually laying on the floor or hanging down.

garage door opener

The top section of your garage door is twisted

Depending on the configuration and type of garage door that you have, your garage door opener might curve in the top section when it tries to open your door with a broken spring. This is especially common when the ‘open force’ has turned up all the way on the circuit board.

Close and open forces on garage door openers are there to prevent such scenarios. It might turn out to be costly if you decide to replace your top section. Sometimes, a simple bar replacement will be sufficient and bend the section straight enough to make it appealing to everyone.

Garage door goes up a bit and then stops

You might not know that you have a bad garage door spring until you try to leave your home. You try to open the garage door but the door only goes up six inches and then stops. This is because usually, the garage door opener force has activated causing the opener to stop pulling up.

Another instance is when the garage door goes up very slowly when you are using the automatic opener. If you have a broken spring, the opener may stay in the lower speed because of the heavy weight of the garage door.

If this happens, close your garage door and pull the emergency release rope. Next try to lift the door. If it is really heavy, then you most probably have a broken garage door spring.


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Should I Repair or Replace my Garage Door?

If there’s a problem with your garage door, then you are going to have to do something about it sooner or later. Physical damage to your garage door can hurt the curb appeal of your home, leave your door susceptible to to additional damage and result in a probable safety threat.

But how exactly do you decide whether your garage door needs a replacement or just a simple repair? Characteristically, you might want to repair your garage door instead of replacing it because of the following reasons.

costs less

It costs less to repair

According to research, garage door repair costs are substantially lower than replacement costs. The most expensive garage door repair is usually spring replacement due to the fact that it can take two to three hours to replace broken springs with new hardware.

As far as replacement, the cost varies depending on factors such as, the size of the door, its material and its features. Keep in mind that replacing a double garage door will cost twice as much. It’s simply much more cost effective to have your garage door repaired than replacing it.

Most garage door issues are repairable

Any problem that your door might have in terms of functionality is repairable. A broken set of springs does not mean that you have to have the whole door replaced because you can easily repair the springs. The same goes for other components such as the rollers and hinges.

The only time you may opt for a replacement, is when there is massive functional or cosmetic damage to your garage door. However, even slight cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents are repairable. Many garage door repairs allow you to replace individual sections as well instead of having to replace the entire door.

It takes less time to repair

It takes quite some time to replace a garage door. You most likely will need a professional to safely remove your old garage door before installing a new one. Since security and safety is a real concern, the professionals will have to be extra careful to ensure proper installation of your garage door.

They will then have to test the door in order to ensure that it functions correctly. As such, you will be looking at several hours’ worth of work depending on the type of door you are having installed. Repairs are often fast depending on what the issue is.

Garage door replacement may require approval

If you belong to a homeowner’s association, then you may need their approval prior to replacing your garage door. This is because it can greatly affect the aesthetic of the neighborhood. Homeowner’s associations tend to have very strict rules when it comes to making massive cosmetic changes.

This way, they avoid having homes with bright red garage doors that reduce the property value of the other homes in the neighborhood. In many cases, going through the approval process could take longer than expected.

Clearly, there’s seldom a reason to replace your garage door instead of having it repaired unless there is serious functional or cosmetic damage.


Garage Door Springs

When Should I Replace Garage Door Springs?

Usually, most people take garage door springs for granted. Whether you open your garage door manually or automatically, you expect the door to open and close flawlessly. This is largely possible thanks to the reliability of garage door springs.

However, garage door springs usually break with little or no warning. The life of a spring depends on the use of the garage door. Its lifeline only allows for so many ups and downs. If you use your garage door more than three times a day, your spring will last for five to seven years.

Someone else who uses their door only a few times in a week can get twenty years out of their garage door spring. So how do you know that it’s time to replace your garage door spring? Read on to find out.

When your garage door starts to make unusual noises

A garage door spring is an important component of any garage door and when it breaks, the door will begin to make a loud noise every time you open or close it. When this happens, you have two options, which are to either repair the door or have it replaced.

For most people, garage door spring repairs are not practical and thus, they usually opt for a garage door spring replacement because it is feasible.

When there is a breakage

When your garage door springs break, you will need to replace them. Most people will not consider repairing a broken garage door spring because it is not a workable option. Therefore, they pick the safer and more common option of replacing the spring.

The most apparent sign that a garage door spring is broken, is the loud noise that originates from the door anytime you close or open it.

When they succumb to natural wear and tear

Contrary to what most people believe, garage door springs are not part of the garage door opener. Rather, they are part of the garage door itself. Raising and lowering of a garage door is much easier due to the springs.

Generally, garage door springs last for quite some time, but all springs eventually wear out and garage door springs are not an exception. Over time, as a result of constant lifting and weather changes, springs will weaken and eventually break. Obvious signs of wear and tear include small stress cracks in the coil. When you notice such, it is time for a spring replacement.

garage door

When the spring’s lifespan comes to an end

Almost everything has a lifespan and the lifecycle of garage door springs is limited. However, how much you use your garage door will determine the rate of your garage door replacement. Experts believe that if you use your garage door two times a day, you will require a spring replacement only once every fourteen years.

If you use your garage door multiple times a day, then you might require a spring replacement every so often. If you do not handle a defective garage door spring properly, it can cause you a lot of trouble and pain. Therefore, you should do it as soon as possible.


FAQ’s About Residential Garage Doors

Slide door systems are complex and as such, you might probably be looking for uncomplicated solutions for your residential garage door needs. Industry trends, weather differences, style differences and maintenance requirements are some of the main concerns for most homeowners. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about residential garage doors with answers.

How do garage door springs work?

Most residential garage doors use torsion springs. These coiled springs are powerful and wind or unwind depending on whether you are trying to close or open a garage door. Fixing a garage door on your own is not advisable because these springs contain adequate potential energy to move a garage door weighing hundreds of pounds. Thus, trying to replace one on your own could be very risky.

How much will it cost to set up a new garage door?

It is not possible to put a price on a garage door installation without knowing the type of door you want. Different doors cost differently and the size of your garage as well as other factors will determine the price of installing a new garage door.

What should I do if I hit my garage door with my car?

The first thing you should do is to call in a professional to evaluate the damage. If your garage door is composite or steel, damage to your panels may be easy to repair. However, extensive damage or damage to carriage-house or wooden style doors, may require replacement.

How fast can I get my door repaired or installed?

Most companies pride themselves in fast and friendly services. Some offer round the clock emergency services as well as same day services. Usually a standard repair or installation takes only a few hours with little interruption to your daily schedule.

Should I use a professional installer?

Of course, a garage door installation is not something that you should do on your own. This is because a garage door is probably the largest moving object in your home and because of the large number of small parts, its installation is highly mechanical.

Professional installers can usually set up a door in a few hours and will ensure your safety. If you decide to install your garage door on your own, it can take several days and cause great frustration. Additionally, improper installation can help you avoid certain warranties.


What are the benefits of a steel door over a wooden door?

  • Steel doors require less maintenance. Normally, a wooden door requires painting as frequently as the wood trim in your home due to weathering.
  • Steel doors have longer warranties than wooden doors.
  • You can have a steel door insulated to make it more energy efficient than a wooden door.

What type of spring is better torsion or extension?

These are the two types of springs used on garage doors today. A torsion spring is better because it offers you as a homeowner more safety and balances your garage door better to provide smoother operation. Single-car doors are equipped with extension springs as part of the hardware, but torsion springs are available upon request.