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Fiberglass Garage Doors
Fiberglass garage doors are a new material and still represent a small section of the market. This however, should not dissuade you from trying out an interesting material for garage doors. At Professional Garage Doors we have a number of fiberglass options to consider given their range of benefits.

How are fiberglass doors made?

Our fiberglass doors are made through a quality process that uses the best of materials for a supreme finish. One way of getting fiberglass doors is soaking fibers of glass in a plastic resting to create a solid fabric. A cloth could also be attached with glass fibers and the material soaked in resin. You cannot tell the method used to arrive at the end-product.

At Professional Garage Doors we have several grades of fiberglass doors which include:

  1. Single-layer fiberglass – This consists of one layer of fiberglass set between aluminum framing to create door panels.
  2. Double layer fiberglass- This has insulation foam set between two layers of fiberglass which helps with heat conservation, adds strength and improves the sound proofing qualities of the garage door.
  3. Triple layer fiberglass- This is a premium fiberglass door and the strongest type. There is insulation between each layer of fiberglass lending it superior strength and also energy efficiency.

We also have a wide range of styles available in our stores which offer you more solutions to work with. You can have fiberglass garage doors with two windows, multiple windows up to 20 and without windows. Other styles we offer are:

  • Vertical raised windows: These are textured to look like wood
  • Vertical slat panels: Here the slats are laid flush with each other
  • Horizontal raised panels: These are the preferred style when placing windows on the fiberglass and feature a textured surface.

Why you should get fiberglass garage doors

If you love the feel and look of wood garage doors but are not ready to meet the maintenance costs, then our fiberglass garage doors are a great alternative.

  • Fiberglass doors are resistant to pest infestation. Things like termites and pests that drill holes on wooden walls cannot get through fiberglass.
  • They are lightweight making them gentler on the torsion spring, garage openers and other door parts. This adds to the lifetime of your garage door while it is also easy to manage operating the door manually should the need arise.
  • Fiberglass doors are also non corrosive allowing them to survive harsh environments and making them suitable for coastal areas as well.
  • You do not run the risk of the door expanding and contracting with changes in temperature and moisture. This can result to the door not fitting properly and cracking to appear.
  • They have great insulation abilities; about five times those of wooden doors when filled with insulating foam.
  • They offer great flexibility in finishing being easy to paint and also easy to customize to fit your needs. If you want a wood-like appearance you can get it with fiberglass doors but enjoy the strength of a steel door.

We provide you with a great selection of fiberglass from the top manufacturers in the country. Contact us today.


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