When garage doors malfunction and fail to run at optimal levels, it places you and your family at risk. They can cause accidents or inconveniences during their operation. At Professional Garage Doors, we understand the headache and frustration this can cause and we have an excellent and comprehensive garage door and openers repair service. The repair process is fast and you should not postpone it. While it may be tempting to undertake the repairs yourself, it is recommended you get professional garage door repair services to carry out thorough checking and also avail you the right original repair parts where replacements are required.

Garage Door Opener Repairs Hamilton & Surrounding Area

  • Spring replacement and repairs: With time every garage door spring gives in to metal fatigue either due to poor installation or heavier use than the spring was designed for. Whether they have broken or are due for replacement, you can contact us for a faster resolution to the problem. We handle both the torsion springs and the extension springs and replace the broken ones with high industry quality springs. You can opt for heavy-duty springs or regular springs depending on your garage door use.
  • Broken garage door cables: This is an important part of the garage door that requires regular checking and should be fixed before it breaks due to the risk of accidents it can cause. If you notice the cable showing signs of wear or fraying you need to call in a professional. We provide strong garage door cables sold in pairs and even in the case where only one is broken, it is recommended that both springs be replaced for smooth functioning.
  • Bent garage door track: The tracks of your garage door may result in dents especially when nudged by a vehicle. At times it can come out of alignment which calls for it to be fixed before it can cause further damage to the whole garage door.
  • Roller replacement: Rollers can be bent or broken in the course of the garage door use. We provide services that replace worn-out rollers and those damaged providing you with a quieter and smooth operation of the garage door.
  • Endplates replacement: Endplates play an important role as they are what lift the shaft that holds the springs. When they are damaged or not strong enough the shaft can break. We offer the right strength and replace any worn-out endplates.
  • Hinges: They are what allow the garage door to bend smoothly and without noise. When worn out or bent they require fast replacement.
  • Garage door openers: When this malfunction, they result in difficulty closing the door and even then it still does not close the whole way and at times reverses before getting to the floor. We thoroughly check the openers to establish the issue and replace any parts that are faulty and fix the opener.

Other things we replace and repair include opener remotes, damaged panels, weather seals, Hinges, Handles, Shafts, Locking Plates, Rollers, Bearings, Gears, Chains, Springs, Pulleys, Brackets, Drums, Cables, Weather Strips.

Why choose us:

  • We have a large inventory of parts allowing us to address any problem that may come up
  • We provide parts from the leading manufacturers allowing us to provide quality parts
  • We offer strong warranties for all replacements and our work
  • We are fast and always available when you need us

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