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Getting the Right LED Bulbs for Your Garage Door Opener

There are three major types of bulbs used in garage door openers. Incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED bulbs. Each type comes with its own kind of advantages and shortcomings. It is important to get the right one for sustained use and to avoid breakage.

The incandescent bulb offers the advantage of being the cheapest option and usually the logical option since it comes packed in most garage door openers. On the other hand they are usually energy inefficient and have a short shelf life. Improvements have been made that have seen shatter resistant incandescent bulbs being introduced. Compact fluorescent lights are one alternative to incandescent bulbs bringing both longer life and energy efficiency. Their biggest let down is the fact that they create high interference between the remote and the garage opener. The electronics in a CFL also differ from brand to brand and may affect the suitability of one brand.

The choice of using LED light bulbs is one that many people are shifting to. LED lights are made up of a semi-conductor device which emits light when an electric current is passed through it. There are several advantages an LED bulb offers. First, it has great energy savings of about 85% when compared to incandescent light bulbs. It also has considerable longer service life of about 25,000 hours based on the average of 3 hours a day of use when the only lighting in the garage is from the door opener. They result in little heat production thus not affecting the material and machinery stored in the garage. They also produce instant light without the warm up time needed in incandescent lights.

Even with these advantages, choosing the right LED bulbs can prove to be a challenge. This is because there is still some level of interference that can be experienced if the bulb is not compatible to the opener. You need to get an LED light bulb that is radio frequency friendly. With a compatible bulb the opener’s remote can work in its optimum range. These kinds of bulbs are specifically designed to greatly reduce or eliminate the interference.

There are several other factors that need to be checked when getting the right LED bulb for your opener including:

  • Power usage

    The idea of using an LED bulb is to firstly boost the energy efficiency of the opener. Look for a bulb that uses just 10 watts of power for lighting.

  • Brightness

    You need to get a bulb with great brightness. 800 lumens should do and it is even better if the bulb can be dimmed.

  • Durability

    Aside from the usual service life, you want a bulb that is shatter and vibration resistant. The conditions under which a door opener works place a lot of strain on the bulb in terms of risk of falling and constant vibration. There is also the element of harsh weather. Get a bulb that is cold weather tested as well as damp location rated.

  • Warranty

    The only way you can be sure of the bulb you have been sold meeting these conditions is if it comes with a warranty guaranteeing quality.

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