Signs That Let You Know It's Time to replace old garage door For A New Garage Door

5 Signs That Let You Know It’s Time to replace old garage door For a new one

So long as the garage door can be opened and locked, most people never think about replacing it. This is, however, not the best way to go. The garage door plays a very important role. It offers curb appeal, boosts the value of your home and also provides utility. But when should you replace an old garage door with a new one? If this is the question you have been asking yourself, there are five signs that will let you know it is time for a change.

Endless noise and regular breakdowns

This is a no brainer. If the garage door produces regular unpleasant noises or keeps on breaking down, it is obvious you need an upgrade. The money used upon a single service call may not seem like much but once you total up the expenses you will be astounded. The maintenance of an old garage door is more expensive than you may think. It involves labour costs and replacement parts. What is more, is that a garage door that does not work well will pose great risks both to your family and your car. An old garage door will also not provide the insulation that is needed to protect your car and to reduce the heating costs. It makes more sense to replace the old garage door with a new one if you start noticing these issues.

Obsolete design

As aforementioned, the garage door adds value to your home. This will not be the case if the door has an antiquated design. These doors are large in size hence hard to miss. They occupy more than 40% of the fa├žade. Being some of the most outstanding parts of the house, replacing the obsolete door with a new one will do wonders in boosting the overall value of your home. An automatic door that has a contemporary design will boost the property value instantly. This is something you must-do if you plan on selling your home.

Lack safety and efficiency features

Another sign that lets you know right away that you need a new garage door is the lack of safety and efficiency features on your present door. The modern doors come with a range of features that keep your car and home safe. They include bottom seals, sealing joints and weather strips. These features keep the cold air out and the heat inside. Check for these features when shopping for your next garage door.

New garage function

Do you want to convert the garage into a living space? If you are, you have to consider changing the old door with a new one. You will be spoilt for choice when going through the modern garage doors. They are stylish and will fit in any renovation plan.

Improved curb appeal

A beautiful house is more attractive to buyers hence more valuable. A new garage door will help do exactly that. There is a design to complement any architectural design.

It is never too late to invest in a new garage door. The key is to pick a functional one that suits your unique needs. Always liaise with a local professional throughout the process.

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